Information for Merchants

What is i-card Perks?

i-card Perks is a free University service that promotes campus and local discounts for people who carry i-cards. Perks organizes these special offers for the Illinois community on this mobile-friendly site and publicizes the program at ID Centers, student registration, employee orientations, and other events.

What's an i-card?

The i-card is the predominant identification card used at University of Illinois locations by most students, faculty, staff, and others. For information on how to recognize and determine whether an i-card is valid and current, please visit the i-card website.

Who may participate?

Any university unit or local business that meets program requirements may enroll. There are some restrictions on merchandise sold or promoted; read the Terms and Conditions for more information.

How do I enroll?

Apply online using our Enrollment Application Form. Just enter your business and discount information, agree to the program terms and conditions, and click "Submit." When your application is accepted and your offer is posted on our website, we'll email you. That's it!

How do I change my offer?

Email whenever your special offer changes or expires.

Is Perks really free?

Yes! It's a simple program with lots of exposure and no cost to you or cardholders.